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  • Natasha Lare

Should I Start A Business?

Is this a question you've asked yourself lately? Or maybe you put it a different way... Will I be successful in starting a business? How do I be successful? How do I make sure its worth it?

Those questions are ones, all entrepreneurs and adventurous minds ask themselves at one point or another. Today we're going to cut through the confusing chatter of our brain with a few questions and affirmations to help you find your answers.

(1) First ask yourself: Am I satisfied with my current life?

If your answer is no, then finding a solution is IMPERATIVE.

Psalm 8:6 "You have given him dominion over the works of your hands;

you have put all things under his feet,"

Which to me means, you deserve all that your heart desires. Abundance, happiness, impact, freedom. A Solution.

Repeat after me: I am worthy of an abundant life.

(2) Next ask: Am I willing to get uncomfortable?

Finding a solution usually means looking outside of your comfort zone. You're comfort zone is where you're at right now. The job you have, the income you're earning, your social circle and mentors. You'll have to pivot these areas in a new direction, which usually means investing in yourself. Whether that investment is time or money doesn't matter, because, in the end, this investment will create a better outcome for your life. Is that worth it for you? A better life in exchange for a small amount of time or money?

Repeat after me: I'm committed to finding new ways of being.

(3) Then ask: What is my heart telling me to do?

What cause are you striving for? Who does this cause help? How does this cause help you? Why is this meaningful to you? My cause is to help nurses and busy professionals build a passive revenue stream from their phone with social media. This cause helps career focused women achieve more free time, decreases their stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm and provides extra income. Because of this extra income they can retire from nursing at a younger age OR relieve the stress of low paying nursing jobs so that nurses can love what they do without being slaves to overtime. This cause helps me into mentorship and teaching, it provides an extra income to reduce my hours and overwhelm working as a nurse. This is meaningful to me because I never knew that I could create my own income. I never knew that women could create global impact with their ideas. I want that message to spread like wildfire and to be taught to women as early as elementary school.

Repeat after me: My ideas are worth being seen.

(4) Time to decide: Do you believe in yourself?

If you do, you're probably feeling scared. Thats normal and 100% OK. God designed out lives to be full of abundance, giving into the sin of doubt and self pity deny us that abundance. Self-belief is the first step in creating it. The next item on your to do list will be to search for avenues to create this new change, your new business, and your new life.

I'm releasing a training next month to help you create a greater impact and passive income through social marketing! Want to receive an early pre-sale access? Click HERE!

What was your answer to question 3? Please share in the comments!


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