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  • Natasha Lare

Why You'll Save Time With A Content Calendar

Um anyone else ever have days where you don't know WTF to post? Yep me too. Also, the girls who work on my network marketing team. What really sucks about that brain funk is that POSTING is not a direct money making activity for our business, we don't want to waste more than a few minutes (single digit) on what we post on social media.

This is where a #contentcalendar can help you.

OK maybe you've tried one already, one that someone else made and didn't like it. Or maybe you liked it but couldn't stick with their topics on the calendar. Me too. I enjoy posting about topics that are relative to my life AND allow me to weave in my business or products as well. Pre-made content calendars designed by someone else often contain a lot of fluff that I would never want to read myself. So why use them?

If what I just wrote sounds like you, then you are gonna love the Content Skeleton Calendar below. This is the bones of a content calendar, made specifically for women like us. It will help you stay clear on the THEMES you want to consistently share about. It has room for a quick brain dump of a feed/post and story ideas for for the week, as well as space for a motivational quote.

Content Calendar
Download PDF • 75KB

You can click on that PDF above and download it to your computer or phone, or print it out.

I hope that this helps you be more consistent with your daily posting, as it has definitely helped with mine!



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