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  • Natasha Lare

How To Get Started With Monat, The Quick & Dirty

Did you lose your job or get laid off because of the pandemic? Or are you just bored out of your mind because of shelter in place?⁣

Let's work together! I get paid to be ME, sharing the things I love on instagram. AND I don't have to worry about being fired for speaking my mind ✊🏾.⁣

(If you know me and are ready to join our business, you can go HERE. Click on "Enroll as MP")

How does it work?⁣

1) I bought a package of hair & skin care after seeing impressive testimonials & before/after photos.⁣

2) The friend on IG who showed me the opportunity hooked me up with training and mentorship to learn how to create posts and messaging that attracted women, who like me, needed help with their hair.⁣

3) When women who need help with their hair see my posts, they send me message and with my mentors help I gave them hair recommendations.⁣

Whats really cool is that the investment was in MYSELF (I bought products I would've bought anyway), I didn't have to figure anything out on my own, and the extra $$ has helped me with FUN money and credit card debt.⁣

Want more info? Send me an email me HERE

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