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  • Natasha Lare

Preset LOVE

How many times do you look at someone's blog or their IG and adore their photo gallery? The aesthetics are amazing but also just so well put together. You think to yourself there is just no way my page, would ever look like that??

Yep. That was me.

I played around with filters from different apps but things just did not jive well. And to be quite honest, I've now realized, half of it was because I was taking such shitty pictures LOL.

Well all of my mentors have talked to me about using presets to make my page look more cohesive and appealing I ignored them for a long time. I didn't understand WHY I should pay for presets when I could use free photo editing apps.

Mind blown! The difference between free apps and using a professional photo editing app is insane you guys. INSANE. I was previously using VSCO. Then was gifted the presets by Alexa Jean. And am in love with them.

To be quite honest, in the beginning it was frustrating to try and use the light room presets. Because of course, MY PICTURES SUCKED! AHHH! Not sucked as in terrible, but sucked as in, the lighting was just bad, unless I'm outside. I live in a very dark apartment. I have a window on one side and unless you're standing within 3 feet of it, pictures are dark and fuzzy.

How have I gotten around this? I realized I need more photos outside AND that I can't be afraid to ask people to take pics of me while I'm out and about and by myself. Thats just what it is, since I'm single.

I did come across one fun hack, that I used today. For these pics:

That hack was to take my tripod along. Chewy and I went for a 4 mile #run through our favorite trails and I brought my hiking pack with my travel size tripod inside. We found this fun scenic spot and stopped for a pic halfway through. I love how her presets lighten the photo, brining more attention to the subject as well as to pink and blue tones.

Are you ready to give #presets a try? Do you already use them? Which are your favs?


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