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  • Natasha Lare

The Dove Inn, Golden Colorado

Last year Fatai and I went to Denver, for a wedding, and discovered the beauty of Colorado. It's hard to compare the beauty of California to anything else. But we fell in love with St. Mary's Glacier, Estes Park, and wanted to do more exploring of the Rocky Mountain area.

So when we were offered the opportunity to stay at The Dove Inn, in Golden Colorado we jumped on it! This blog post is a review of The Dove Inn, with a video walk through at the end.

We flew into the Denver airport in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Did we feel safe? As safe as going to the grocery store, meaning some people had masks on, some didn't. We sprayed down everything with hand sanitizer and cleaned our hands constantly. We rented a car and had about a 45 minute drive from the Denver Airport to our cute bed and breakfast (B&B) The Dove Inn, in Golden Colorado. Of note, we arrived on a Friday afternoon, and there was traffic due to construction.

The Dove Inn is an old Victorian style Bed and Breakfast, built in 1866, that was given a modern REVAMP. After looking at the old pictures, it was hard for me to believe that the new look was created from the old. The new look included the original beautiful brick and victorian molding, and included gorgeous period pieces placed all throughout the home. It was gorgeous, I would stay there again and would book a different room because all of them are different styles, with different styling!

The B&B was easy to find and located a block behind the Golden Downtown area. The central location was great and made for easy walking to food, cute boutiques and to restock on essentials. It was also really in the middle of multiple major freeways which made for a faster route to our hiking destionations: Colorado Springs and Aspen.

My first thought, as we pulled up to The Dove Inn, was how cute it was. There was a beautiful sitting area with cement benches, marble style table tops, lighted wood awnings, flowers, alongside blueberry and strawberry plants. This outdoor space was great for dinners and drinks at the end of the day and early morning breakfasts before we set out hiking! We had no trouble with parking since, we spent most of our days hiking during the "limited parking hours". The block which The Dove Inn was limited to 2 hour parking between 9am and 5pm.

The check in process was fully automated and so easy. The morning of our check in I received an email reminder about our reservation (THANK YOU, I always am scrambling to find my reservations and addresses on the day of travel), followed by an email later at 10am with the entry code to the front door, the name and location of my room, The Parisian, parking options, and the wifi network with code.

We walked up the wide wrapping porch, put in the code and opened the door into an open concept/ meets farmhouse living and dining area. There was kombucha and nitro cold brew on tap to welcome us, and a huge fireplace which separated the living from dining area. This bed and breakfast served a continental breakfast but also had a full kitchen that was available for us to use. We never used it except to put leftovers in the fridge but that was a really nice option.

We continued on up the staircase and around the corner to enter The Parisian. Our room was quaint with a queen size bed, vintage wardrobe and fireplace, air conditioner (thank you Jesus), sitting chair and two side tables, as well as a private bathroom and shower.

I usually find places to stay for vacation with AirBNB and didn't know what to expect from a Bed and Breakfast. was SO behind elated to find a private bathroom and shower. I had never stayed in a bed and breakfast before and thought that we would have to share with the other guests.

The bathroom was decorated with a mix of red brick, white subway tile and gold accents. The toilet and sink were separate from the shower, which was nice for my fiance and I since I spend a LOT of time getting dressed.

The bed was comfortable and the bedding was light enough for the June heat. There were also two types of sleeping pillows on the bed which was an incredible surprise, one was a standard too soft hotel pillow, the other a more supportive foam pillow, as well as a few decoratives. There was also AIR CONDITIONING. You might think this isn't a big deal, but it gets HOT in Colorado, and after spending a night in Aspen at a hotel without AC we were in desperate need of it

Like the rest of the house our room had antique furnishings, from an electric wooden stove, to the sitting chairs, and antique wardrobe and portraits. The bathroom was a mix of the home's original red brick and newer subway tile, with gold fixtures. It was a beautiful room and quite a beautiful place to stay!

I would stay at The Dove Inn again, however I would choose a different room, because they are all different! Their largest room is a studio sized suite hidden somewhere on the bottom floor and that is where I'd like to stay the next time!

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