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  • Natasha Lare

My Favorite Uniform

You might know me as a curl consultant, a #registerednurse or a dog mom. BUT....

In reality, "I'm just a girl in the world" and my favorite work-from-home uniform goes a little something like this...

1. Yoga Pants (these are Nike)

2. Casual top (Nasa top from Target)

3. Slippers

I'm proud to have built a #business based on my OWN ambition, and that I did NOT have to go it alone. To put it as clearly as possible I am partnered with a network marketing company (OH MY) and I shout it proudly.

I made this big, bold move for one reason. I was tired of living a life that I had no control of. I became a nurse because I love learning and sharing about health, I love serving others and I wanted the freedom to schedule my life on my time.

The reality once I became a nurse was a VERY restricted life. I work weekends, nights, holidays, and don't even get me started on vacation. I accrue 4 weeks a year and I'm lucky if my manager approves one!

My #studentloandebt was hanging on my back, the night shifts were weighing me down, and my family had already stopped inviting me to their events because they already knew I wouldn't be able to make it. That was not the life I had envisioned for myself.

A friend told me that I could use my curiosity about hair care and the struggles I had experienced with my own hair to help other women and make money. I almost broke my neck with the double take I did!

I was skeptical, but honestly, I was willing to try anything, if it meant getting my life, my time, my money and my freedom back.

Now I look forward to days like this....

Who else chases their dog with the vaccuum?

I get to work from HOME, on my time, and create an income that can grow far beyond what I make as a nurse. Last week I had a meeting with one person, it lasted 45 minutes and I made $220. Tell me when I'll get paid that much to change an ostomy bag?! Never!

I love what I do as a nurse, and I'm willing to work hard to get what I want. But I cherish the time I spend with my family more. And I want the freedom to pay off my debt and start actually LIVING, without working overtime.

If you're tired of living a limited life due to a job that just isn't cutting it anymore. Reach out. I'd love to be a mentor and a resource. I can provide information about this business and it will change your life. It changed mine. Lets change your uniform to a comfier one. Message me!

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