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  • Natasha Lare

COVID-19 What It Means For Influencers

Today, while I peeled off the last of my acrylic nails (cus you know, all the nail shops are closed), I couldn't help but be thankful for a job that I don't rely on a boss to pay me for. My name is Natasha and I am in social media sales. AKA I am what people call an influencer, I blog about my life and share products I love on social media. I get paid a 25-50% commission on my sales, and the "how, when, and where" of my job is completely up to me. I choose to work from my phone, on my couch, usually between 8-10pm. Late nights are my fav work hours.

Like me, anyone who is in sales, still has a job. They can still earn an income, because no matter how bad the economy gets, there are still people who are seeking solutions that they need to spend money to fix. People still shop. Additionally, now more than ever, people are shopping online. This is a great opportunity for influencers to stand out above the crowd. This is a GREAT opportunity for women to get started. You literally have all the time, so why not? If you have a phone, a brain, and a desire to share with and help people, then you can learn and become great with social media sales.

Let's talk about the nitty gritty.

What do you ABSOLUTELY have to do to make money in social media sales?

1. You need a social media account

You don't need to be on every platform. I would recommend starting out with whatever you like to use the most. For example, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook.

2. You need to post to your social media account

It's ok if you haven't posted in a long time. Jump in feet first and post to your account starting now. Even if you have no idea, what company you want to start selling with yet. Start sharing about your life. Focus on teaching people something, making people laugh, and inspiring others with your life story. We all have a story. Think about the memories that mean the most to you and start sharing. Daily. Set a goal for 1-2 posts a day. Start sharing to your "stories" throughout the day if you use a platform that has that.

3. You need to talk to people

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Sales is social. People will ask you questions about the products that you share, and you will need to invite people to use the products and services your sharing. Don't worry, in the beginning, having these conversations isn't something you're expected to do on your own. The company you collab with should have leaders to train you and to help you in these conversations. For example, in the company that I work with, my mentor has these new customer conversations with me. She walked me step by step in real time in group chats, and on phone calls with customers.

4. You need to be open to learning

This is a new field for you, with new skills to learn. If you're open to learning and willing to apply what you are taught you will grow your business and sales commissions fast!

The next steps are entirely up to you. Don't just sit and think on what you read, get out there and get started! Invest in a network marketing collab or in another ambassador program!

Send me a message for advice as you navigate your options.

If you want to learn more about what I do, watch THIS, then send me a text BIZ to 510-330-0081. I'll get back to you lickety split to answer all your questions.



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