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  • Natasha Lare

The Curly Hair Drama

For years I thought my #curlyhair was beautiful, fun, wild and cool... Then puberty hit and everything I thought I knew and loved about myself changed. The way I looked at myself, my body, my potential, my hair all changed. Some for good, some for bad and my hair DEFINITELY changed for the bad.

(wearing Patagonia)

The fact is I grew up with my mom doing my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY. Up until I hit puberty. Looking back I think this was a blessing and a curse. I loved how my mom styled my hair. But I never learned to do it on my own. As a teenager I was so frustrated by it! I would look around school and see all the pretty, popular girls with their sleek, smooth hair styles, their slim faces, their wide smiles and I started comparing. They made their hair and getting ready for the day seem so easy!

Meanwhile I struggled to just wash my hair without cutting out the dreads that were forming.

I looked in the mirror and saw a jungle of hair, a lions mane, a wild birds nest, a time trap, a time suck and because I didn't know how to manage it, I started being teased about it.

My solution was of course to straighten it... setting myself up for just more drama, more damage, and less manageability on the days that I DID want to wear it curly.

This is how my hair drama started... maybe there were other older memories that made me feel like referring to my hair as drama. Nonetheless, THIS is what stands out. My teenage preoccupation to compare and judge myself against others that had completely different lives, different stories and I'm sure their own version of hair drama.

Now I'm in my 30s... ok when did that happen. But I'm in my 30s, I love my hair, I love my life, and I'm looking for GROWTH, happiness and to spread joy amongst others.

As vain as it might sound, my hair gives me joy, its fun, light, airy and makes me feel good. I want to make people feel good by helping them look good!

I went through my own drama of loving, then hating and now loving my curly hair again and I want to bring us all back to a place of love, joy and satisfaction with the way we look and feel. In this blog you'll see both video and posts where I'm pouring out my heart and soul about the drama of curly hair, business ownership and creating a life worth loving! I hope that it helps you find your own life worth loving, and great hair to go with it.


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