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  • Natasha Lare

Why Wont My Hair Grow?

I think all of us have asked ourselves this question at some point right? It seems as though we women have a lot of pressure put on us to have long luxurious hair. Long, luxurious straight hair... and we'll do anything to get it. Miracle pills, miracle oils, 30 minute scalp massages, hair transplants, you name it and someone is selling it! Ladies, for most of us, the mystery of why our hair isn't growing or gaining the length that we want, isn't all that complicated.

Here are the top culprits that prevent hair growth

1. Genetics

Its not just for the men. There's this scary thing called female-pattern baldness. This is scary but its something that can also be predicted if you look at the women in your family. #femalepatternbaldness usually presents with a thinning or receding hairline and thinning hair throughout. Its a gradual change that occurs with age and unfortunately this is not preventable. Sorry girls.

2. Hormone Changes and various medical conditions.

A LOT of health conditions can cause our hormones to shift, and it is common for women to experience hair loss and lack of growth during pregnancy and the postpartum period, menopause, and with thyroid conditions. There are also a few medical conditions that can cause hair loss like scalp infections (ringworm anyone?), ask your doctor if you have a condition that might cause hair loss.

3. Stress

Don't we all get tired of hearing that stress causing everything? Well it does, and just like the hormonal changes above, hair loss caused by stress usually shows up a few months AFTER the event occurs. Yikes, how many of us are going to lose all of our hair because of the #coronavirus stress?!?!?!

4. Hairstyles and Hair Treatments

This is something that I experienced personally as a teenager. Hair styles that are tight and pull on the scalp can cause our hair to slowly be ripped out. This is referred to as traction alopecia. When I was in high school, I wore my hair in pigtails for MONTHS. I styled them as tight as possible, so tight that scalp in the back center of my head rippled. This area of rippling slowly became bald. One day I was washing my hair and noticed a silver dollar sized circle that felt bare. That was a shock! I stopped wearing the pigtails and my hair slowly came back. This is really common with #protectivestyles such as braids, cornrows etc. If you're wearing your hair in tight styles and your edges are thinning, take it as a clue to give your hair a break from those styles.

5. Medications and supplements

A lot of drugs have a long list of side effects, often even more than your doctor might tell you. Medical professionals like to warn us about the most concerning aka dangerous side effects to watch out for. Ask your doctor if any of the medications you're taking could contribute to your hair loss.

6. Radiation Therapy/Chemo

I thought this was important to include because our friends who fight cancer lose their hair so quickly. Cancer treatments take all the extra vitality our bodies have and strangle it. Anything that is non-essential to living goes first, meaning our hair. HOWEVER, there is something that I have seen which can help prevent dramatic hair loss. Scalp Hypothermia can be used before, during, and after chemo. This preventative treatment still has conflicting research and is expensive. #Scalphypothermia did help my good friend maintain a chin length amount of hair throughout chemotherapy. Her hair did thin, but she never went completely bald.

Before we go, I want you to ask yourself a question. Is your problem that your hair isn't growing or is the problem that your hair is not gaining length?

There is a difference! A lot of my customers came to me for help with their hair because they thought their hair wasn't growing. For many the real problem was that its wasn't gaining length because it was damaged and breaking.

We'll talk about how to gain length next week! Can't wait? Drop your questions in the comments or send me an email,


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