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  • Natasha Lare

Why wasn’t I born with straight teeth?

That’s been a question of mine for years. Don't get me wrong I don't have horrible teeth. Actually to most people they probably looked straight. Not to me.

I never considered Straightening my teeth as an option because it was so expensive. And my teeth were only a little crooked. So I thought I had to just live with it. Wrong.

Did you know that your teeth continue to move and shift as you age? Maybe not for everyone but for me they have. My two top front teeth turn in, and over the past few years I've hated seeing my smile on pictures because of that. Then a solution presented itself. Smile direct club! (Here's $150 off!)

A few months back I started seeing a ton of advertisements on Instagram for aligners. Basically plastic molds that you change out, according too an orthodontist less plan, and straighten your teeth overtime. Basically Invisalign for the low low. My first thought was YES! Finally the Invisalign patent period must be over! There are a ton of companies offering these aligners for 1/4 the cost of the night name company Invisalign and I decided to check this out.

Why did I decide to go with smile direct club? Honestly I loved their branding and the fact that they promoted a warranty. Basically this means that if I not happy with my end results I can have another consult to adjust my teeth and get new aligners for free. I also really liked the fact that I could either go into to an office for a free 3D scan of my teeth OR have molds sent to my house for me to do on my own. Convenience or personal service.

I chose to go into their office done it was so close to me. The process was super fast super simple and after my scanner I got a free set of teeth whiteners and LED whitening light.

Have you ever had an ultrasound done? That's basically what their scan felt like. The woman helping me had a small handheld device which she rubbed along all sides of my teeth. There was a screen in front of her and I watched as the under off my jaw and teeth was sleepy filled into a whole picture as she saved and rescanned different parts of my mouth. So cool what technology can do!

After she finished she confirmed with a manager about whether my needs could be treated with their services and we talked about payment options. Yo! So cheap! When I looked at Invisalign, it was about $6k and world take over a year. Their plan was between $1800-2000 and treatment times averaged 5-6 months. To me that seemed like a steal for how much more confidence I would gain by fixing my teeth!

What was even better is that they did offer a 2-year interstate free payment plan for $80 per month. I chose to pay up front, my MONAT income for the month covered that cost, but I know that cost holds a lot of people back from dental work.

So I said yes to new teeth. They took my payment right there. Sent my teeth scan of to their orthodontist and the next day he emailed me a plan with a time lapse video that showed how my teeth would change over the next five months. I was related to say the least and it only took 2.5 weeks for my aligners to come. Check out this awesome packaging.

In the box I found a lot of goodies!

Check out my unboxing HERE

More whitening pens, chapstick, a cheek spreader to help me take progress photos, chewies to help me get my aligners into place, a removal tool, info booklet, and my aligners. The box was designed with a compartment to save old aligners. The new aligners pulled out of the box of they were on a roll, ensuring that you pull them out in order, without any confusion.

The website itself was also really cool! They text and email me freakiness to change the aligners out on these proper day. If some reason I'm late, I can enter the date u changed them into the website and it auto adjusted my plan for me. So far this has only happened once!

It's been a little over a month and I already set a huge difference in my teeth. When with teeth that I didn't realize were crooked! I would definitely recommend going for it!

That do offer a really cool incentive through a referral program. Everyone you share your referral link with gets $150 off their purchase and you get a $100 Amazon gift card in return. Here's my referral link, save yourself $150 and then pass on the love to someone else.

What's held you back from Straightening your teeth? Please share in the comments.

Have more questions? Feel free to drop those on the comments too!!


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