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  • Natasha Lare

Whats In Your Hair Products?

Did you know that on average 50% of hair products used by black women contain contain endocrine disruptors??!?! Like what??

Hair Products Popular with Black Women May Contain Harmful Chemicals

In middle school I learned how to #relax my mom’s hair for her and remember the coughing I experienced in the process. At the time I had no idea that those #chemicals could be absorbed through both our skin and lungs📷😵. This matters! These chemicals (phthalates, benzophenones, parabens etc) are linked to obesity, asthma, early puberty and preterm births... aka diseases that also affect the #blackcommunity more than others.

According to the study, by T James-Todd et al., in the #journal of Immigrant And Minority Health, most of the products containing these harmful chemicals were things we use to CONTROL our hair: #relaxers, #straighteners, #anti-frizz serums and many of the harmful compounds were not listed on the product ingredient list 📷😱.

How is this possible?

The US has really lax labeling laws and US companies are required to list “intentionally” added chemicals, but there is no definition of “intentional” for them to follow.

That being said, WE as women need to be more intentional about the companies we trust and stand behind. We need to find solutions for our hair concerns that are as natural as possible! I’ve helped women say bye to their relaxers and still love and manage their hair. If you’re ready to go #natural, message me for a consult.


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