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  • Natasha Lare

Two Strand Twist

Yesterday I made a tutorial on FB live that I had no idea would be so popular. I mean, you guys, I'm just a girl with curls, not a professional stylist, not a curl expert. Just a girl who thought it would be fun to do a tutorial on facebook. I woke up this morning and my video had 12k views!! Like, what?! I uploaded it to my Vlog so you can check it out there or check it out on my facebook if you want.

Why a Tutorial?

For so many years I've watched girls with fun hair styles and curls. But I was shy I guess, or scared of judgement, or just too self conscious to try their fun styles on for size myself. Now I'm in my 30s and F*&CK that, there isn't enough time in this life to continue to live scared. So this week I committed to trying out AT LEAST one new style a week. I wanna find what will work for my hair, what will work for my look, and then show other women how to do it too!

Our curls look beautiful when worn down across our shoulders. Yet they're so versatile that I feel we need to play with them! I want to see just how many styles I can try out in a year, catalog them, share them and then keep trying more.

As a child my mom usually had me in pigtails. These were cute, I guess. LOL they definitely fit the definition of a little girl. Those pig tails were something I returned to in middle school, I loved them with barrets holding the ponytails up. That and sleek bun with a side part were my thing.

Then toward the end of high-school I moved on to straight hair, exclusively! I began to hate my curly hair.... I can't remember why, but I'm pretty sure that stemmed from a comment a boy I made... since at that time I was BOY CRAZY and a lot of my decisions were made to please men, smh. Straight hair was cute and fun but I ended that after college.

Do you have suggestions?

I honestly haven't tried too many curly styles. I love a great french braid or two, and often will two a two strand twist when I'm feeling too lazy to wash my hair. Time to move onto something BOLDER, GRANDER, BRAVER. That doesn't require me to chop my hair.

Any ideas? Comment below! Or tag me in your curly style on IG or FB.


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