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  • Natasha Lare

Tips For Detangling Curly Hair

So many people have asked me about how to #detangle curls this week that I had to create a post about it! I honestly hate reliving my experience as a kid growing up with curls and the torture I sat through while my mom detangled my hair! I remember crying and crying and as an adult I may have still shed a few tears while pulling or cutting knots out of my hair!

Check out the #curls me and my mom used to rock 👇🏽

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Save this post and tag a friend cus you need these tips!

How long does it currently take you to detangle your hair? Please share in the comments.

Tips For Detangling:

1) Pick a wash day based on how much time you have, make sure you have enough time to wash and condition your hair properly, don’t cheat yourself.

2) Plan to use a wide tooth comb or finger comb while detangling in the shower.

3) Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat. THEN add your conditioner starting at your ends, SMOOTH it over your ends and up your hair. Then pineapple your hair and let the conditioner sit for a few minutes before you even think of detangling.

4) Let your pineapple down and use your wide tooth comb or your fingers (my preference) and start combing and picking through the knots in your curls, starting at the bottom and moving up. Starting from the bottom will make it easier to pick out any knots or detangles and as you move up, you’ll be moving conditioner up your hair.

5) Rinse conditioner our completely. Squeeze out excess water. Then style with your normal products while your hair is still wet! Seal with #oil. Air dry or #diffuse to finish.

5 Day Old Hair After An Oil Treatment.

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