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  • Natasha Lare

The Thing About Being All Over The Place...

When you’re feeling like this, it’s a good sign that you’re not listening to your gut, that you’re not trusting your intuition.

Ive learned that trusting it just halfway doesnt get you anywhere but more lost. For the past few months I’ve been battling with being MORE intentional about listening to my body vs pushing 200% toward my life goals: paying off debt, saving for a home, travel and having that “where are we going” convo with my boyfriend.

I listened to my fav babe Angie Lee, placed my hand on my heart, took a deep breath and decided to believe in ME and what my gut was telling me to do: focus on helping women heal and strengthen their minds so that they can thrive.

For me this means sharing more about healthy lifestyles including a wealthy mindset. I encounter women everyday that are so focused on fatter paychecks that they work themselves to the bone, sacrificing their bodies in the process.

What if you were actually meant to have both?

Heath and Wealth?

What would your life look life if you literally could have both?? Drop your perfect day in the comments, yes I really wanna know.

Here’s my perfect day:

7am: wake up, without an alarm, coffee, gratitude and vision journaling.

8am: quick hike/run with chewy on the trails behind my two story home.

830-9am: 30-45 minutes of weight training or HIIT

10am: breakfast and personal development

11am: content creation & Power 30

12pm: biz check ins and follow ups

1pm: lunch with a client or mentee

3pm: prospecting, follow ups, engagement

4pm: content creation

5pm: workday complete but available for pre arranged calls and coaching.

6pm: dinner with hubs (who dat?!)

Listen to your gut and follow the perfect vision


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