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  • Natasha Lare

The Shifty WHY

Wow someone finally gets it! I just spoke with a woman that completely described how I'm feeling right now in my career as a nurse.

Bored. Unfulfilled.

Its kind of funny, over this past year, the reasons for me got be in business for myself outside of my nursing career have changed so much. I think that it wasn’t actually that my reason WHY changed. But that it has slowly come into focus, slowly revealed itself, while in the beginning I was only guessing what I THOUGHT it should be.

So let's do a reflection on the past year.

First, I decided to step into this business opportunity because I was simply burned out, working as a nurse. I was tired of the night shifts, tired of the overtime, tired of the patient acuity, tired of thinking life or death critically for 12 hours a day 36-60 hours a week.

Making money on my own time from the warm comfort of my home sounded amazing.

Second, I realized that this business REALLY could make me great money, and shifted my focus to paying off credit card and student loan debt. Thats what the “responsible” Natasha should do… I paid off my credit cards and $20K in student loan debt, but paying off my debt wasn’t enough to drive me to push me further. To really really change me.

This caught me really off guard. I’ve always described myself as money motivated. I’ve been that friend quick to jump into doing overtime and picking up shifts, cutting out my whole social life to work. But that wasn’t really being money motivated…. That my friends, was being money scared. After 6 months into this business, the fear of not having enough money left me. I could see how it circles and flows around our world with abundance and I saw my WHY shift again.

Next it was simply to prove to those around me that I could do this. I started to receive a lot of push back from the people around me. The fear of their judgement and not living up to all the talk pushed me to keep going and to prove EVERYONE else wrong. This was an external motivator though, and ONE thing I learned years ago, as a health and fitness coach is that the strongest motivators need to be internal. This was not enough. And from August until January, I have to sadly admit, I felt really really lost as to what exactly my WHY was.

It wasn’t burnout, money, impressing others, proving myself.

Without a sense of why I felt a little lost.

Which leads me to the aha moment I had on the phone with a beautiful soul named Trina.

I feel the most fulfilled when I am teaching women, mentoring, providing positive impact. BOOM.

This light me up! I FELT LIT YALL!!!

Why because it means I can map out the type of impact I want to create for the rest of 2019!

So these will be my areas of focus:

1) Developing a sense of self love

2) Business mentorship through an influencer academy

3) Healthier lifestyles for the career woman

4) Manifesting a full time income with a part time business

5) Growing a business as a registered nurse

I’m so excited to map this out and share with all of you!

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