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  • Natasha Lare

The Major Freakout Before Departure

I’ll be 💯 with you, last night I freaked out and thought to myself “Maybe I shouldn’t go on this trip alone?!” I was scared. Scared to be ALONE for a whole week. Scared that everything would be unknown to me, that I’d feel like a baby wandering around the city. Or that might something happen to me!!?!⁣

Then I told myself to Man The Fuck Up and told myself all the fun stories I WANT to happen.⁣

When we do something new, the primitive, fearful parts of our brains can go out of control with unreal stories. We play whole movies in our minds of what “might happen”. But that’s just what they are stories.⁣

I did the same exact thing before starting my business. I imagined and daydreamed about everything that could go wrong. Until I woke up, said “Don’t be a bitch” and pushed send on my business partner enrollment form. ⁣

You can keep telling yourself scary stories OR open your eyes and heart to the fact that there’s a better change for what you WANT to happen to HAPPEN!!⁣

January is your month to make it happen for yourself!⁣

And if you join me in business month you’ll get over $200 worth of products for free! Send me a DM let’s chat!⁣

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