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  • Natasha Lare

Stop beating around the bush

I feel like thats what I've been doing here on social media.... mainly because I don't wanna offend, or scare anyone away. And in general, I'm a people pleaser so I hate the idea of pissing people off.

But that kind of thinking doesn't get anyone anywhere. And it will actually attract the wrong kind of people into your life.... So here it goes.

I'm mixed, black and white. My mom is black, my dad is as white as can be. I've grown up seeing more white people winning, then black people. I held onto that mindset while stepping into business. If all these white women around me were winning, but no black women were, then why would I? How could I be a part of a hair company, when the reps are PREDOMINANTLY white, and still be successful? How could I cash out and help women, when most of the people who use the products don't even look like me.

Answer: The products work, and don't discriminate based on skin color. Matter of fact, the company is owned and run by a brown skinned family anyway, so WE should be killing it.

The interactions and observations we have as children, get cemented so deeply into our minds. It took me a LONG time to realize that the color of my skin was something I've used to hold me back. To keep me from feeling capable, able and deserving.

I wanna call you to action! I wanna empower you to reach out! A few hundred of you have reached out to me and asked me about my business! A good part of you are interested but then use this same EXCUSES to prevent you from getting started.

"None of those women look like me"

Girl, neither does the president, but we live in his country!

Shoot I bet most of your bosses at work don't look like you either!

Let's step up and take advantage of this opportunity together.

Want a home business? Want extra income? Want banging hair? Wanna help other women get the same?

Send me a message today! I'll save you a spot in our June Affiliate Training.

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