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  • Natasha Lare

Refresh Old Hair With A Scarf

OMG day five hair can be a love hate situation!

You know you need to wash, but don't have time to wash, but you want to look cute, but don't want to spend the time it takes too look cute. NIGHTMARE. But at least you made it to day five right?! This is kinda the monologue that goes through my head on days I really don't wanna wash or refresh my curls. And thanks to the advanced hydration products I tried last week, my hair doesn't quite need a wash just yet. Sooooo we'll just hide the frizz with something cute.

Headwraps are my new fav #hairaccessory!

I love the colors of this scarf and how they pop out no matter what I'm wearing. I've long admired women who could hide all of their hair underneath a scarf and still look gorgeous. Honestly, my trip to Kenya back in 2012 is really when I fell in love with colorful scarves and #headwraps. I just never thought I could pull it off. They're so bright, draw in so much attention, I would think to myself "who am I to wear something like that?". Isn't it so sad how our mind becomes our worst enemy for something so simple as what you put on your head?

Anywho. I've been stalking several BEAUTIFUL headwrap pages on instagram for some time now. See list below. And I finally got the nerve to buy one. Wait, not even a full size one, cus I needed to build up to it. I got a half size and a bandana.... whomp whomp! I know, why didn't I just go for it!? UGH! Well thats ok because my next purchase will be a full size, silk lined wrap!

This one is gorgeous though and I created a fun tutorial for you all to use and enjoy!

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