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  • Natasha Lare

Protein: The Good And Bad

Protein can be really good or really bad for your hair.

Take it from me, the girl who’s hair was breaking !

I’ve been bleaching my hair since 2013 and girl it has been a wild RIDE to keep this hair healthy! I’ve dealt with an itchy scabby scalp, breaking ends, dandruff, brassy color, breaking off the front of my hair. Now my hair is healthy and I want to help yours too! Send me a message if you want a personal recommendation 📲.

Now, there’s three question I ask when people tell me their hair is breaking:

(1) What products are you using?

(2) How often are you using them?

(3) Are you following the directions on the label?

These questions matter BECAUSE using the CORRECT products for your hair issues, CORRECTLY, determines how your hair responds .

Lemme break it down:

Your hair is made up of protein and chemical treatments like bleach, color and relaxers damage the hair’s protein structure. This is seen as loss of curl, dry brittle hair and breakage, or rapid loss of moisture. Heat damage can have a similar effect.

To reverse the damage and help soften your hair you can use deep conditioning treatments or masks that are high in protein. The protein in these products will fill in gaps a holes in the shaft and the conditioning agents can help to flatten and smooth the cuticle layer of your hair, helping it tor retain moisture.

⚠️BEWARE⚠️ The overuse of protein can have the opposite effect. Using too much, too often or not rinsing it out according to directions can cause your hair to become brittle, dry and flat!

I use my FAVORITE protein mask, once a month, RELIGIOUSLY, because it transforms my hair! I also bring it to the salon and use it after I get my roots touched up.

If you have questions or need to figure out which hair treatment is right for you, send me a message, I have experience with a lot and can help.


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