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  • Natasha Lare

My 2018 Hair Transformation

It's been a full year since I've been in business for myself. A full year since I started using a new line of hair care products that have rocked my world. I figured this is as a good a time of any to round up my personal favs. My favs, specifically for us busy women who want to LIVE life instead of spending our whole lives doing our hair..... cus aint nobody got time for that!

OK a little bit about my background. I was a frustrated bleached, split end, buildup scratchy, broken curly girl. I can't stress enough how tired me and my hair were of each other. And to be quite honest I had given up on the idea that my hair could look good while it was blonde.

I thought the two had to be separate. Either beautiful curls or blonde curls. It seemed like they couldn't be both at the same time. In that before photo, I BARELY, even have a curl at all. Seeing that makes me want to cry, because I had come to terms with the fact, that my hair would just be that way forever.



I thought I had tried everything but I hadn't, in fact I had only tried mainstream products that weren't all that effective. I had only tried products that were marketed "curly" or "mixed hair" or "ethnic hair" or "curly girl approved" .... none of those things addressed the problems my hair was experiencing. Looking back, its no wonder that they didn't solve my problem. The labels didn't even address my problems.

Then I decided to try one more time. I decided to NOT give up on my hair and to try a product line that was receiving a lot of flack but had also OUTSOLD Aveda in 2017 and was on track to out sell Pantene in 2018!

I became a distributor to get the best deal and WHAM after one wash I was addicted. The bonus? The ingredients were pharmaceutical quality, meaning the natural ingredients remained active while sitting on the shelf, they were tested by 3rd party labs for safety AND endorsed by the American Dermatology Association. Oh AND the products are all vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and approved in the E.U., the country that bans 1300+ chemicals from beauty products ( the US only bans less than 60)!

I've experienced curlier curls with my bleached hair than I ever had with my natural hair color and I owe it all to the insanely healthy hair I now have.

I started out using their hydration line, then transitioned to their smoothing line when it was released specifically to battle frizz, and I now use their restructuring collection created to heal the top 10 causes of hair damage! My hair is soft, my scalp no longer itches and I can go a full 5 days without thinking about washing my hair! I'm in heaven and I want you to be too!

You deserve to LOVE your hair. And trust me girl, if you've already tried everything else, then this is exactly what you've been looking for. Let's chat! Take my Hair Quiz, and I'll create a custom hair care routine for you!

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