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  • Natasha Lare

More Time For You & God

Every generation lives through a unique experience. Our parents grew up watching war after war. Our grandparents grew up in the great depression, always hungry, desperate. We're living through a #pandemic. There are so many negatives that we are easy to focus on, but I have found something positive to take away:


I've been using the extra time to focus on building my relationship with God. Sometime last fall, we drifted apart. I was distracted by falling in love, becoming engaged, planning a wedding, traveling, work, life. I lost sight of Him, and how much He wants to be in my life. Just like any relationship, its a two-way street. #God can only give us so much, without us giving in return. He wants to hear our prayers, our vulnerabilities, He wants us to surrender our fears and anxieties to Him. He wants to be here for us, but He can't unless we give Him the opportunity to be in our lives. I completely lost sight of that. I was egocentric, selfish, unloving.

To refocus, I've picked up a bible study I really enjoy.

This is a one year devotional study of women in scripture. Each week you will read and learn about a new woman, reflect on her life, her interactions with God and how it relates to your own life. Each day of the week offers a new perspective into her life and the history surrounding her circumstance. I've loved learning about these women. To be hones, most of them are names I don't recognize but there are of course the infamous Eve, Sarah, Mary etc. I've found that their lives have so much in common with my own! This book is available in all formats: hardback, paperback, audible and kindle. Click HERE to get your copy.

I've also started a women's study group on Zoom with my friends. This has made me incredibly happy. We get to connect and catch up, even though we're #socialdistancing, and we share our reflections on scripture as a group. We meet once a week. Each week is led by a different person, who gives us an assignment from their own personal study or topic of interest. These calls last anywhere from 1-2 hours and always relate to our current circumstances, trials and triumphs. It's an empowering way to connect with each other while also connecting with God.

In addition to personal and group study of the Bible, I have committed to consistently listening to church online. Before the pandemic went down, I shuffled back and forth between attending my church service at Vive Oakland and my fiance's service at 99 Church. Now that we can only attend services online, I watch Sunday service from both churches throughout the week. My goal is to make sure I have God's word in my life every single day. Personal study, group study, and church services are all different vehicles to help me achieve that. To help me to constantly have God in my heart and on my mind. To consistently remember to place my burdens on Him, share praise with Him, and live in conversation with Him.

Personal worship

Group worship

Church worship

I know that it might sound difficult to do all of these things and honestly sometimes it is hard. But thats ok. Just like with working out, it's not about how many times you fail or forget to do it. What matters, is that you keep going, you keep restarting, you don't give up on yourself. God has already given us grace for all of our shortcomings. For all of our failures. If God can give us grace, then we most definitely can and should give OURSELVES grace for our inequities. If you haven't already started giving more time to God during this pandemic, I want to encourage you to do so. It will leave a positive mark on your day and remind you just how much you are loved!

Do you consider yourself a Christian? How are you connecting with God right now?


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