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  • Natasha Lare

Monday Affirmation

I think the biggest thing I struggle with is energy. Thats probably all of us right? But I've noticed this has at least quadrupled since becoming a #nurse. Maybe its the long hours, maybe its being hyperalert for 12+ hours or the lack of food. Whatever it might be, the days that I work and the day after I'm completely wiped out and drained.

Unfortunately, that does not bode well for the rest of my life. My house goes uncleaned, my clothes unfolded, dishes nasty.... My dog #chewy is basically the only thing that gets attention on those days.

So this week our affirmations are going to focus on ENERGY! Specifically creating a mindset of endless energy! How do we do that? First, we actually have to believe its possible. We have to stop listening to the people that give us permission to be tired and lazy.

You know those people who say things like.... "its ok to skip your dishes, you just worked a long shift." I know it's ok, no one will die, but its not ok for me. Because I want to create enough energy to do those damn dishes!

Or those people who say "Its ok to skip posting for your business today, because well you had a hard day." I know it's ok, I know it's not life or death. But it's more about creating a habit that becomes so routine that even on the hardest day at work, that activity seems easy. You feel me?

Thats the mindset I want to get to, for my dishes, my laundry and my business. So routine that even on the hardest day it feels like a piece of cake.

So how do we do this? We begin.

Write down everything that you find you DON'T have enough energy for.

Then order them. Put a number next to each one, with #1 being the biggest priority among this list. Be honest with yourself. Which one of these is not a priority? Which ones actually never need to be a priority. Which ones can you delegate to other people? Take those ones off your list and stop worrying about them. We wanna focus our attention on the ones that are still on that list.

Make a new list of the priorities. Order them in order of importance. Tomorrow make it an intention to tackle the first one. The following day see if you can tackle # one and two.

Keep this going day after day and see how much more energy you can muster. See how many more things you can incorporate into your routine. You might notice other activities get cut out of your life.... like Netflix... IG scrolling, facebook stalking. Those things prob didn't make into onto your priority list so I'd say its a win.

Come back and let us know how it goes! Were you able to create more #energy for yourself? Were you able to tackle more of your priorities?

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