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March Grab Bag & Freebies

March is here and a lot has been going on. Coronavirus, SCARY. But you know what isn't scary Your hair! Or with the right products, it doesn't have to be scary. This weekend we have a Grab Bag sale going on and two AMAZING OFYs! Read all the way to the bottom to get the OFY details.

Get a Grab Bag featuring 3 full-size products, 1 travel-size product, and a surprise gift for only $25 USD when you spend $84 USD. The exact items in your grab bag are a surprise but are valued at over $182!

A huge shoutout to this beauty for sharing her story with us. Do you have a before and after from using Monat Hair or Skin care? Share it with me to be featured in the next email or on social media. You can tag me in your photo on instagram @natasha.lares.hair or send it through a message natashalare.monat@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for sharing your BEFORE/AFTER photos with us!

Read Becky's Hair Story Below.

"So, This happened the other day


Went to the gym for Body Pump Class💪 and got asked by at least 3 people if I had straightened my hair that day. 🙆

The short answer...Nope.

The complete answer in my head was, "No, I washed it 2 days ago, went to coach in a Hot, Humid Pool💦 for 2.5 hours , went to sleep😴, went back to the pool 💦for 2.5 more hours, then came to the gym"

I'm still a little blown away with my own results,(shiny, smooth, and SOFT hair with less shedding and post partum hair loss, no flakes, and no more scalp pain!)

I am also excited to see results for my husband who has thinning hair. I will NEVER go back. Like, ever.

Products used:

Renew Shampoo 2x

Revitalize Conditioner (sometimes I use the Replenish Masque)

Followed with Rejuvabeads on my ends and Rejuveniqe Oil to tame frizz and bring out that shine.

On days I don't wash...The Champ Conditioning Dry shampoo IS A MUST

Products used:

Renew Shampoo 2x

Revitalize Conditioner (sometimes I use the Replenish Masque)

Followed with Rejuvabeads on my ends and Rejuveniqe Oil to tame frizz and bring out that shine."

Bring on the free products!

This month our CC cream and Curl Refresher Spray are FREE with all NEW customer orders and all flexships that process on or before 3/25.

I love the VIP customer program that Monat offers.

We always get:

- Free shipping

- 15% off retail

- Free OFY product

- 3 Flexships

- 30 day return policy

- $25 customer referral coupon

- birthday coupons

- access to VIP only sales

Ready to try out a personalized set of hair care products?

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Beauty Talk

Before I go, I want to share something real with you guys. After years and years of struggling with my own ideas of beauty and seeking my own inner beauty I've learned one thing: I have always been happiest when I tried to accept what God has given me. For example, adding weights into my workout to build muscle tone, instead of starving myself to be skinny. Changing my hair products so that my curls would be healthy instead of straitening my hair out of convenience. Choosing to cut out dairy from my diet to help my skin instead of drowning the blemishes in makeup. Some of things we do are to COVER UP/HIDE/ OR CHANGE things we don't accept about ourselves. Other actions we take come from a place of acceptance, love and wanting to truly feel like our best selves. As you step into your Saturday night choose to accept and love yourself rather than hide or change yourself.   XOXO Natasha


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