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  • Natasha Lare

I tried Biotin in College, yeah

When I was in college everyone RAVED about Biotin and how it helped hair growth.

At that point, 2009, I was desperate. I had received the WORST curly cut of my life (way before I discovered Deva Cuts) and I just really wanted to grow my hair past that hot mess. But I was already aware that my hair grew at a SLUGGISH pace! A max of 1/4 inch per month to be exact... when you're that desperate you start measuring!

Aside from actual supplements, there are tons of hair products that promise hair growth and actually work. My shampoo and conditioner sped up my hair growth from 1/4 inch to 1 inch per month. And the KEY for any of these products to work is that they need to focus on healing hair troubles from the inside out. AKA reset or stimulate the hair growth cycle. LIkewise, biotin works by replacing a DEFICIENCY in a vitamin essential for hair growth.

Biotin deficiencies lead to hair loss and thinning, and if YOU are deficient, then replacing with a supplement might just solve this problem!! Turns out I wasn't one of those people.

I bought a container of biotin and was so excited for what it would do for my hair, my nails, my skin.... I struggled with T-zone pimples, my hair grew insanely slow and looked a hot mess from that cut, and my nails, being victims of biting, were always short.

Cee Cees Closet Bandana

I used the entire container... 90 pills for 90 days and was sorely disappointed. I didn't notice an increase in hair growth, thickness. I didn't note an improvement in my skin or my nails. After those 90 days, I decided to continue searching for the root of my hair growth problem and found a solution when I started using a natural luxury line with active ingredients targeting new follicle growth.

Whats your experience with biotin? What brand did you use, how long did you use it for and what results did you find?

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