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  • Natasha Lare

I'm Getting Married, And Had The BEST Proposal Ever!

Well 2019 was whirlwind. I got engaged. My fiance curated a full day #proposal experience. After which my appreciation for his attention to detail grew immensely. So ladies, share this out to your boyfriend if you are ready for him to be your Fiance!

The day started out with a huge surprise. We rented my dream car.... a Tesla Model X. We rode around in it all day! We tried out the autopilot, which was freaky but actually works and really enjoyed the smooth way the car rides. It basically put my 2014 prius to shame!

We took the X and headed into the city of San Francisco, for what I thought would be a fun, fitness photo shoot. You guys KNOW I love working out and I run a home business. It was the perfect way for Fatai to disguise his true intentions. I need content for my blog and social media, so I thought that was all we were doing: shooting content for me to use later. NOPE. We started out at Salesforce Park. A gorgeous park elevated on a large building in down town San Francisco. Before getting out of the car Fatai surprised me with the cutest workout outfit ever from Na Ka' OI. We hung out at the park for about an hour, it was gorgeous with water fountains, a play area and jungle gym for kids and really wonderful views of the city. At 8am it was crazy quiet and such a romantic way to start the day. I'll admit, at first I thought he might propose to me at the park. However, the thought slipped away as we had fun taking pictures.

Next we continued our photoshoot to the Lyon Street Steps. This is a spot in the city that I had never heard of but is a popular workout spot for locals. The top of the steps offer a stunning view of the San Francisco Bay and the Palace of Fine Arts . There were dozens of people working out, running up and down the steps and after another new workout outfit we got to shooting. Fatai is a great photographer, does it as a hobby and made the whole experience fun, despite having to navigate around the people exercising. I had never been here before and had never even heard of these steps. They were hidden gem. I can't wait to go back and run up and down them myself!

At this point I still had no idea a proposal was coming. I was just enjoying the day and Fatai was being his usual sweet, patient self. He loves shooting and honestly I think he should take on photography as a business. He has so much fun and does such an amazing job. We'll see what happens with that. After an hour at the Lyon Street Steps we headed to our final stop on the photoshoot. A basketball court in Hayes Valley, SF.

Girl in off white with mr holmes bakehouse donut

Next we stopped for then best donuts in san francisco at Mr. Holes Bakehouse. I bought this almond peach beauty and munched away before out shoot at the basketball court.

This basketball court was so colorful! The ground was painted in yellows and reds, greens and blues, it was bursting with life and energy. There were a couple of boys shooting hoops that let me toss a couple shots and the sun started shining a little warmer.

By this time, all the nervous and self conscious jitters were gone and we got to have a lot of fun, playing with angles and light and posing around.

Girl in sunglasses and off white outfit posed on a colorful basketball court

The best part of the story is coming, I swear. I don't know about you, but as a little girl I dreamed of being married. Having the husband, and house and kids. But I never imagined or obsessed about the wedding or engagement. So, when Fatai asked me a few times about how I imagined my engagement, I was lost for words. I just didn't want it to be boring or cliche. Don't propose to me in bed, after I get off of work, or in a restaurant. I want it to be special and private.

I guess he didn't get the "private part". Glad that he didn't listen to that bit.

We headed to our final destination, the place where I first knew he was the "one". Love Story Yoga. This is where we had our first "OFFICIAL" date. Where I got to see Fatai's commitment to health, sweating and doing them both together. And the first time I DIDN'T breakup with someone after watching their body in weird positions during yoga. BAHAHAHAHA.

He did a great job. It was a saturday and yet, somehow, he managed to book a private yoga class, with the teacher (who no longer worked there) but taught our first yoga class. It was weird walking into a dark yoga room with two mats, placed side by side in the center, and not notice there wasn't anyone else in class. My suspicions were on HIGH alert. Either this was an insanely romantic man, setting a precedent, or he was gonna propose. He created a custom playlist (which looking back I realize he had asked me to contribute to, by asking for my fav workout songs dozens of time.... but I never shared them), and it was insanely romantic. However, its hard to think while doing a HOT HIIT yoga workout with weights so I forgot about everything. I forgot about how unique and different today's date was. I forgot that there wasn't anyone else in class besides us. I forgot how excited and happy Fatai and I were all day, I leaned into the sweat.

After 60 minutes of burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, mountain poses, and warrior IIs were laid in savasana. And John Legend "All of Me" started playing. The instructor asked to place something over my eyes to help me relax deeper. And I laid there for what felt like the longest savasana of my life. I started getting annoyed. Like how long do we have to fucking lay here? Then my memory kicked back in, I remembered the rest of the day, realized that All of Me was on repeat and started to sit up. Fatai helped me and I was surrounded by candles, rose petals and friends taking pictures. They were stealthy, I didn't hear them setting up any of this. I was instantly crying and laughing, and crying. I probably looked like a hyenna covered in sweat.

I honestly don't remember anything that he said. He gave me a box, I turned a wooden crank and my ring popped out (overachiever) and he slipped it on my finger. The rest was wrap. Stay tuned for all the wedding updates to come. May 16th 2020.

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