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  • Natasha Lare

How To Do An Overnight Oil Treatment

Hi thanks for watching! In this video I show yow how to do an overnight oil treatment with Monat's Rejuvinique Oil. This treatment will balance out your scalp oils, the natural oil production and set you up for the optimal hair growth. Want to get your hands on some? You can buy it at

If you purchase and enroll in my VIP program you will get 15% off your order, a free product, free shipping, access to secret sales and an amazing flexship feature that comes with free products, up to 25% off orders, birthday gifts and referral bonuses! In this hair tutorial, you'll also learn how to turn this into a hot oil treatment great for natural hair. You'll also see how to apply rejuvabeads and our double action hydrating treatment. Want to find the perfect products for your hair needs? Take my hair quiz at

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