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  • Natasha Lare

How To Brand Your Hair

Hi Curlies! For the past 6 months I've worked daily on building my presence and authority in the world of curls! Mainly via instagram and facebook. I've learned a lot in the process, and mainly that there is a whole lot of women out here with no idea what they're doing! Women who want to make a difference, add value, build a community, BUT for whatever reason, don't have the time or desire to teach themselves how! That was me too.

But I realized I wasn't growing so something needed to change. I wanted to help women who had been me: tired, fed up, lost and confused about what to do with their hair.

I wanted to help the women like me who wanted to focus on health and wellness but ENJOY how they look at the same time. Cus lets be honest, there are PLENTY of people who work out everyday, and have a real life and STILL look good despite it all. Why not me?!



I think the most helpful thing I've learned is this: People want VALUE and AUTHENTICITY.

Boom, WHAT?!

They don't to follow the perfect haired girl who only posts selfies.

They don't need to follow the girl who only talks good hair days.

People will want to and look forward to following and learning from you when you share VALUE.

When you are willing to show up and teach, consistently, about how you did or how you are healing your hair from point A to point B. Does that make sense?

This post is a preview of more information to come. I think info is EASIEST to digest in small little nuggets, so today, know this:

Commit to showing up on your social media daily

Commit to providing VALUE, share something that will add to someones life

Focus on a specific individual when you share, the type of person you MOST want to reach

Be consistent, the people who need you will find you.

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