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  • Natasha Lare

How My Direct Sales Business Opened A Career Opportunity

I knew that when I started working with Monat that I was learning a unique and universally applicable skill set. yet I really had no idea how quickly doors would open because of it.

In January 2018, I became a brand rep for the fastest growing hair care company in the U.S. I help women heal their hair concerns with natural products that are effective and free of toxins and other harmful chemicals.

I help women discover their beauty, inside and out, that’s how everyday becomes a good hair day. That also means being grateful for everything with which we have been blessed, and giving back to the communities where our customers, and our brand reps and we live.

As a part of joining their organization, I was recruited and mentored by women with 10 plus years of experience in social marketing and extrepeneurship. They've taught me how to manage a business on social media:

- How to use story telling marketing

- How to grow your network

- How to connect and make sales on social media.

- AND how to have doing this in just an hour a day!

Whats been the most helpful part of this organization is the amount of resources at our fingertips. I’ve never needed to know Everything. Someone is always available to help. I don’t have to answer everyone’s questions, there are graphics and videos that help me explain and personalize hair plans for our customers.

Like any direct sales company, who you sign up with essential, because that person is who will personally mentor you! I love our team and would love to mentor you if that’s something you’re interested in. You can send me a message and learn a little more HERE .

One year later, a huge door just opened for me because of this business! I was able to drop my hours as a nurse in the hospital to PART TIME. YES! I honestly never thought hay would be possible for me. I saw ofhwr women do it. I watched my mentor completely leave her nursing job and replace that income with this business. But for some reason, I didn’t believe that God Had that in mind for me. I kept up my daily business activities and sharing regardless and it happened!

Then one month later I decided to use all the knowledge I’ve gained in this past year to serve my church! Now I help to manage the VIVE Oakland social media as a part of their digital team. Its incredible that this up and coming industry, social marketing, can open so many doors and opportunities. I've gained experience I can place on a resume, leadership skills, managing the training and progress of new brand reps, and everyday I'm continuing to learn what does and doesn't work in terms of marketing on social media.

Are you looking for a change or a way to earn additional income? Let's hear about it in the comments.


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