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  • Natasha Lare

Healthy Or Effective? Do We Have To Choose?

I'll be honest, when I first started working with Monat, I didn't care how healthy the ingredients were. I just wanted something that worked. I wanted results.

I was tired of waking up, looking in the mirror, and having to redo my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I would think that I was unlucky, to have curly hair, it was so hard to manage, deal with, it was a pain. I thought girls with straight hair must have it so easy. What do they do? Just wake up and go? I was unhappy and the state of my hair made me feel unpretty.

Fast forward to starting a home based business with Monat. I've learned that I used to spend sooo much money trying to make my hair healthier when really I was making it worse. The products I was using were full of so many harmful chemicals... things linked to cancer, skin and scalp irritation and hair loss. I was making my hair worse when I wasn't making informed decisions about what I used on it.

Here are FIVE Ingredients you don't want in your hair products. This are also ingredients our company NEVER uses.


- these are a common preservative and have been suspected to affect estrogen levels, fertility, mood and hair loss


- aka SLS/SLES, these are added to shampoos to act as detergents, to remove dirt, oils and clean the scalp. These have been linked to immune system damage and skin/scalp irritation. They can also strip the scalp and hair of TOO MUCH natural oils, leaving your hair and scalp dry, brittle and unbalanced.

Cyclic Silicones

- These are what provide "slip" in your hair. They are present in our hair care to help dissolve large ingredients so that they can penetrate the hair shaft. However, this contributes to buildup and over time can cause damage to hair cuticle so that it lifts, ruffles and you should know that means FRIZZ!


- these are used in to make plastic products. Research has shown they cause reproductive harm, encourage cancer growth and reduce the effectiveness of anti-estrogen cancer treatment. Stay far away from these.

Harmful Fragrance

- The reason we should avoid fragrance is this: there is no full ingredient disclosure when "fragrance" or "parfum" is listed on a hair or cosmetic product. Where it came from, and what the ingredient is comprised of, and at what concentration is unknown to the consumer. Its a loophole ingredient that the company doesnt have to tell us about!?! Isnt' that crazy!? This lack of disclosure casts a wide net of health concerns, ranging from skin, respiratory, and eye allergies, to dermatitis and potential reproductive effects. Avoid them if you can. If you can't, make sure it is listed very very low on the ingredient list.

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