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  • Natasha Lare

December Must Haves

Can you believe it’s almost 2020? Ah! Time to get our lives in order, or if you’re me... my skin in order.

Its been about 9 months since my cystic acne started to show its ugly face. Getting rid of it and the low self confidence that came with it has been my PRIMARY concern this year. Do you know what I mean? Having to cover up pimples everyday isnt fun, it sucks and I’m so ready for all these blemishes to clear up.

I’ve found a few products that ARE killing it at shrinking my cysts, lightening the dark scars, minimizing the redness and evening out my skin tone.

Here they go...

1. The Be Gentle Line

this anti-aging skin care line is natural, effective and has made my dark spots and redness nearly dissapear. This was designed for sensitive and dry skin, so it’s great for those of us with blemishes and a lot of redness. The company has a second line called Be Balanced for Normal to Oily skin.

Why I Love It

- Instantly decreased redness

- Saw my scars lightened within one week

- Reduced the size of my pores within two weeks.

- Reduced the size of my cysts.

2. Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

This product has worked better than even tretinoin to reduce the size, occurrence and painfulness of my cystic acne. This is supposed to be used daily and is sold in packs of 30, 60. I prefer getting the individually packaged peels because they stay more moist. You can get a sample pack of 5 HERE.

Why I Love It

- It took about a full two weeks for me to notice the results and after a full month of use my cysts are almost completely gone.

3. Berry Refined Scrub

This is an add-on to the product line in #1. It’s a scrub that can also be used as a masque... mind blown. It’s 100% natural and plant based filled with amazing fruit acids that remove dead surface skin to brighten and leave a more vibrant, softer, smoother complexion.

Why I Love It

- Brightened my skin

- Refined and minuses my pores

- Makes my skin looks brighter every time!

I hope this was helpful and can help you step into the New Year with brighter skin and less acne.

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