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  • Natasha Lare

Clear Skin Routine

Wow, with the world looking so crazy right now, I thought we could take time to focus on things we CAN have control of. The first being our skin.

In March 2019 I decided to QUIT birth control, in order to return my body to its most natural state. At the same time I also decide to remain abstinent until marriage (a post on that later). Well, a lot happened since then, including a horrible cystic #acne breakout. Fortunately, I took action to find ways to circumvent the stress and lack of self esteem that came with the acne.

Let's talk about that. Acne, in our 30's. It sucks. However, I feel like its not an issue commonly marketed by mainstream media. Its like they forgot that we exist. HELLO I'M HERE, I'm in my 30s and I don't want to look like a pizza-faced-teen. I tried 4 different #skincare lines in the last year to help with this issue. I found one that completely took care of my biggest acne related concern: scarring.

To sum it up, I was using a few different products from Kiehl's for years. However, once off of birth control it left my face really oily, and after a month I was fed up with that. Next, I tried two different lines from beauty counter. While I enjoyed how soft and hydrated they left my skin, I didn't feel like they actually were clearing my scarring, redness or the inflammation around my cystic acne. I REALLY wanted to LOVE Beauty Counter. I still use their makeup, but I gave up on the skincare after 6 months of use with collections that are now discontinued Countermatch and Rejuvenating Collection.

In the fall, I started using the Be Gentle Collection from Monat and fell in love for two reasons:

1. It got rid of the redness and inflammation around my cystic acne spots.

2. It cut the healing time in half.

Then I REALLY fell head over heels when I saw some of my results photos after 3 months. My scars were disappearing like crazy. Full disclaimer, I sell these products. BUT I also LOVE trying new skincare. This has gotten me to stop skincare hopping. If you want to try a collection well suited for your skin issues, I would recommend taking their skin care quiz FIRST. Find it HERE then buy at the very minimum the moisturizer, cleanser and one of the treatments recommended for you. You can take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee. Use my distributor code (2336246), to ensure my name comes up when you place your order, and I'll send you some free samples of their hair care after you order!

Here's a video of my night time moisturizing routine with these products.

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