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  • Natasha Lare

Boo-Hoo To You Too

These past two weeks I've had the overwhelming urge to move. To pack and move my shit to somewhere brand new. Where NO-ONE knows where I'm at, where there isn't an ex that forgot to give a key back. Somewhere, I can nest, as a spinster and her dog...

Let's be real, thats not happening. I drove to see an apartment in El Cerrito and almost lost my shit cus it was too far from the city! I had a taste of reality, I was reminded just how little you get for your money in the bay area. I came to my senses because in reality I LOVE my apartment... it would be perfect if the window in my bedroom was bigger and I had hardwood instead of carpet. Other than that I love it and I doubt I'll find something this nice in this area without spending 300-500 more.

So whats with these feelings? The need to escape, to run away, to be unseen. And whats with these cravings, today I ate 3 cookies and half a bag of granola. I wanna escape from men, from the feelings they leave me with, their insincere statements, their fake love, confused pigeon brains and unimpressive private parts.

I think whats worse than this feeling, is the knowing that I spend the majority of my time empowering women and it's now my turn to need the empowerment. Empowerment PAST the safety of a man and a nest. When really I want to do is nest, even if the only little bird is my pup!

Well boo-hoo to you too. Time to get over it.

My slate is officially clean and sparkling for 2019.

And I'm ready to conquer the crap out of the year!


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