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  • Natasha Lare

Be your OWN curly girl

Have you guys ever noticed how PASSIONATE some of us curly girls get? And by passionate, I mean the negative type of passionate. I'm talking about the curly girls that are quick to jump on and judge everyone with a routine that isn't CG approved. This irks me so bad I wanna scream! Like HELLO, everyone is human, everyone is different, and at the end of the day there isn't one answer that fits everyone...

I'm in quite a few curly girl groups and forums... I see a lot of hating going on. A lot of women who feel like the curly girl method is the end-all-be-all of hair care. Sorry. I'm sick of that limited view. Anyone else?

I'll be the first to admit that I followed the CG method myself for over a year! I was first put onto it by my hair stylist at the amazing Madu Salon. Love them!

But after a year I realized that it wasn't MY solution, so I've moved on to my own iteration of their methods PLUS other things what I've found that work for me. For example I now know that while some silicones cause me buildup, I haven't had a problem with amodimethicone. What's your hair routine? Post it in the comments I'd love to know.

What I learned & loved about the Curly Girl Method

1. I realized I needed to use healthier products

2. I realized that curls ARE BEAUTIFUL, and I'm a wild curly girl at heart

3. There is a whole curly community sharing knowledge with each other

4. Devacuts are the bomb

5. Definition comes with moisture

What wasn't for me

1. Air drying just aint my jam

2. Co-washing even with silicone free products leaves me with buildup over time

3. That build up leads ME to have an itchy scabby scalp

4. I hate buildup

5. The idea that this is the ONE solution for everyone

Be brave enough to find a solution that fits YOU

I wanted to write this post to give you guys a space to ENJOY your hair without feeling like a criminal if you don't follow the CG method. I was made to feel like my opinion, my experience, my knowledge was illegitimate because I did not cross my t's and dot my i's with the an exact duplication of this styling process. I actually loved the time I spent learning that method. I learned a lot about what my hair likes, what my hair doesn't like and the type of ROUTINE I wanted for my day. I derived my current routine from what I found worked for me and my life while practicing the CG method. And I think we are as unique and beautiful as our hair is too!

Use this blog to give yourself some headspace and room to do you boo! Finding a routine that works for you and creates healthier hair is beautiful! It is freeing! It will save you time on a daily basis and bring you confidence and joy. Don't limit yourself to the rules set by others. Is it too cliche for me to say that rules were meant to be broken?! BREAK THEM! Create rules for your hair, that work for your life and that don't require your life to revolve around a 1-2 hour hair routine. Cus who really has time for all of that!?

Please share about your routine and your experience with the curly girl method below. And as always, please don't engage in aggressive and negative conversations.


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