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  • Natasha Lare


Why does it feel like the summer never lasts? Why do I always wait until August and September to start traveling and getting away?

Despite those questions I've had the hottest summer of my life and because of that I've had to do a 360 with my skin care. AND rethink some of my health habits.

- Heat

- Sweat

- Oily Skin

- Acne

Those four have made me want to set my face on fire, literally, but I found some Gems to help me get over the issues.


Woman with curls holding Retin-A cream
Retin-A Cream

1. Retin-A... acne, adult acne, WTF!

This has saved my face, literally from looking like a pizza by clearing up my acne AND reducing wrinkles. It's vitamin A (tretinoin) and helps the skin to renew itself. It works by speeding up how quickly your skin cells are regrown. Aka a facial peel. Oprah swears by it. It can reduce wrinkles, skin discoloration, pimples and make the skin appear smoother.

Love it, you need it.

It requires a prescription but only cost me $5 from Kaiser.

* Make sure to wear sunscreen if you use this.

2. Keihl's Super Multi-corrective Cream ... Sunsreen and anti-agin properties rolled into one. This is a wonderful compliment to the Retin-A cream and it doesn't need a prescription! YES! Its light weight, non greasy and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated minus the wrinkles.

3. Water... yep I said it, and a lot of us need this reminder. Water is free and a LACK of water, aka chronic dehydration can cause premature wrinkles!

! But an ABUNDANCE of water can fill out your skin, reduce acne and yep, make your skin bouncier, shinier, plumpier and younger. As a nurse I struggle with water during my shifts, and I've seen a HUGE difference in my skin since committing to 2L a day.

Need something to work to in this month?

4. Sunscreen in EVERYTHING... By everything I mean my BB cream, my moisturizer, my lip blam, everything. Oh did you forget? Sun damage is the number one cause of AGING for our skin, for our energy, for our souls?! I love the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer from Beauty Counter. I use it by itself or lightly as a base before my foundation. My go to lip balm is this tasty banana flavor from Sun Bum, Target has you covered for that one.

What do you LOVE for your skincare routine right now? Let me know in the comments!

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