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  • Natasha Lare

Are Scalp Massagers Worth it?

In 2020 can we all commit to STOP being lazy with our hair?

You know what I mean. We want our hair to look good but we don't want to spend the time. We shampoo for 10 seconds then rinse, condition for about the same time and then we wonder why our products aren't working.

I'll be 100% honest before I started working with Monat, I didn't spend any time on my hair. I was so lazy and you know what? My curls were dry, unhealthy and looked like crap because of it. Now I've learned simple things I can do to get better results with my hair and it actually doesn't have to take all day.

A scalp massager like this one is worth it because it will help your wash n go be more effective WHILE saving our lazy butts TIME!

Here are a few benefits of a scalp massager:

1. Its removes dirt and buildup from the scalp better than fingers alone can.

2. Increases blood circulation for hair follicles which means HEALTHIER hair growth.

3. Reduces hair loss which can be worsened by a flaky irritated scalp. This presents a wonderful benefit for those of us with #dandruff, #seborrheic dermatitis and #psoriasis.

Scalp Massage Techniques

There are two basic techniques for a good scalp massage.

Effleurage: circular and stroking motions like in the video above.

Petrissage: gentle kneading and lifting of the scalp.

Which ever you choose I think that a scalp massage brush does a more effective job than your fingers alone and it feels good. Here's my routine on wash day.

1. Completely wet your hair and use the scalp massage brush for 30 seconds to 1 minute in gentle circular motions all along your scalp.

2. Emulsify a nickel to quarter size amount of shampoo in your hands, apply to different areas of your scalp and repeat step one. Rinse and then repeat for a second time.

3. Move on to your conditioner or hair masque

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