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  • Natasha Lare

An Unexpected Surprise From My Natural Products

Have you ever heard of a hair detox? Me neither!

I was already sold on why plant based products are better... less chemicals, less scalp inflammation and buildup, better color, more moisture... blah blah. We all know them!

Two Strand Twist

Nobody told me that my hair would go through a detox process.... skrrrr... what?!

Ok the fact that my hair even needed a detox had never crossed my mind and frankly it grossed me out. LIKE what could possibly be sitting on my scalp that needed to be detoxed?

Surely my hair was NOT that dirty! No way that I would experience these detox effects myself that's what I told myself when my mentors talked about their detox experience and how it they're transformed.

I definitely wanted my hair to be healthy and I had been using curly girl approved products for 2+ years before making the switch to Monat in January. WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY HAVE TO DETOX?

Girl, lemme tell ya. At the end of the first month my hair started to get oily. My roots have NEVER had an oily day in their life! And honestly my hair had been so dry using CG products that the oil was welcomed!

I later learned that chemical and plastics from various products were a contributing factor to my dry hair and breakage. There's no way to tell how long these (gross) unnatural chemicals had been sitting on my hair but a month later my detox was done. My roots were no longer oily, but maintained a sheen of healthy, hydration!

I've been using these products for 6 months now and my curls are softer, more defined, and barely frizzy until day 4! My scalp doesn't itch, the buildup hasn't come back and I've saved a lot of money giving these revolutionary products a try.

If you've got hair problems, I have solutions! Comment or send me a message for free 30 minute curl consult and natural product recommendation!

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