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  • Natasha Lare

Almost Time To Fly

Tomorrow I’ll be halfway around the world.⠀

I’m beyond excited, but also proud to know that I’ve been able to build a business that gives me the flexibility to #travel.⠀

Let’s be real, our generation does not like the idea of being tied down to the rules and constraints of one job forever....⠀

👎🏽 to waiting on vacation time⠀

👎🏽 to being told when to clock in⠀

👎🏽 to being told what makes your successful⠀

👎🏽 to someone else deciding IF you deserve a raise⠀

An online #business puts all those decisions in your hands and you earnings match your effort.⠀

👍🏽 to traveling when you want⠀

👍🏽 to working when you want⠀

👍🏽 to decided what success means to you⠀

👍🏽 to unlimited income⠀

This year I’m committed to mentoring 10 new amazing women each month in social sales, marketing and business development through a partnership with my luxury hair company!⠀

Curious? Leave a comment or message me with your questions and why this appeals to you! Let’s become friends 👭!


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