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  • Natasha Lare

9 Days Without Washing

What does it feel like and how in the world does a person go a full 9 days without washing their hair? Honestly, if you think this sounds gross, I can't blame you. I used to have an itchy dry scalp that was SO bad, I couldn't imagine how my hair or scalp would look if I went more than 3 or 4 days without a wash. Ok, lets not even mention how difficult it is to style curls after a few days!

Back in highschool, and middleschool, I washed and styled my hair DAILY, because I couldn't manage my hair otherwise. It was too tangled, too knotted, too much of everything. Honestly, those frequent washes ruined my scalp and dried out my hair like crazy.

I've gotten to a point where I've healed my damage enough that I can extend my washes to more than a week. Health, plus fun hair styles is whats helped me this last week. That plus the incentive to share my journey with you frizzies! 😜

This pic below is me, today, day 9! My hair is frizzy, what else would you expect on day NINE! But I wear it proudly because my ends don't feel dry and my scalp isn't itching. Keep reading and I'll share the hair styles that helped me get through the last week.

Day ((9)) Hair: Click for a hair style that helped along the way

So how did I make it that long? Don't worry I did a little refresh on day 6 to ensure my hair didn't dry out. On a daily basis I smooth any frizz or flyaways I see with a little of what I call liquid gold oil from the hair company I'm partnered with. I also sleep with a satin bonnet, and silk pillowcase to reduce the daily frizz we get just from sleeping on our hair.

By day 6 I realized that I needed a major refresh OR I needed to wash my hair. I had no time for either so instead I did the quickest co-wash with my fav conditioner, while I showered, then finger combed leave-in conditioner, mousse and a split end mender into my hair. I styled that day with a two strand twist on both sides of my hair. On Day 8 I took the twists out, gave my scalp and oil treatment, shook out my hair and wore it with the nice big waves that it left me with.

Today I wore a ponytail during the first part of the day and just took it down to get the look you saw in that very first photo above. Sure its frizzy, sure it looks like it really needs a wash today. But hey, sometimes we just need to have fun with our hair and learn to not stress so much about it. At the end of the day WE are our biggest judges and critics. Learn to be forgiving, learn to be loving, and practice on yourself first!




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