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  • Natasha Lare

5 Tips To Manifest A Stronger 2019

Have you ever thought about the idea, that HOW you end one year will set the pace for your next year? Thats been on my MIND a lot this past three weeks!

I've reflected on the goals I set for 2018: for my health, finances, career, relationships, my family, travel... and I'm so proud to see the growth, I also realize there are things I'm still working on. To be quite honest, I started 2018 not really sure HOW I was going to create change to pay off my student loan debt, to make a big swerve in my career, to see my family more and all still while being able to travel.

Does that sound crazy? Maybe, but I made a lot of it happen! I wanna give you the 5 tips that helped me! I want you to use these 5 tips to end 2018 like a blockbuster, and manifest a bigger better 2019.

5 Tips To Manifest A Stronger 2019

1) What area in your life do you feel the most unfulfilled?

I like to work with this list when I'm answering this question:

Health, Faith, Family, Love, Career, Finances, Hobbies... What are you still unhappy with? What have you been wanting to change for years but STILL have not made progress with? For me this is something really really superficial so don't laugh.... ABS! I want some mother fucking Abs.... so 2019 will be my year of abs.

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2) Create a vision statement

Use what you wrote down in tip #1 to create this statement. When you get to this time next year, what do you WANT to see happen in each of those areas? Write it down like a declaration to yourself. One or two sentences for each category.

For example:

I, Natasha, am entering December 2019 with all of my student loan debt completely paid off and it feels like fireworks are going off around me. Whats even better is that I was able to pay off my student loan debt while still seeing three countries on my bucket list: Croatia, India, and Amsterdam. Having an extra 100k a year has provided me with so many more choices! I've been able to see my extended family for monthly dinners and my immediate family multiple times a month. This has all translated to less stress, less time spent working 12 hour shifts at the hospital and my entire being feels healthier. I've been able to consistently workout 5 days a week and have started tennis lessons for a FUN way to workout and build my abs at the same time. Now that I have an extra income I no longer have to work full time in the hospital, and NO SUNDAYS!!! Being able to go to church each Sunday has been so uplifting, I've developed a faith family and feel so much closer to fulfilling the purpose that God has set before me to mentor and empower young women into business. I'm in a relationship and we're having a lot of fun getting to know each other, I'm not sure if he is the one and for now that is ok because I'm learning to be ME, the most badass version of me!

3) Create your PUSH goal

Read your vision statement: what is the one thing that needs to change to allow the other categories to change. There is usually one or two goals, that once accomplished, create a snowball effect allowing the others to be accomplished!

After reading my vision statement, that one push goal is clear to me: either (a) earning a larger income, or (b) working less.... Since (a) can lead to (b), I will call (a) my PUSH goal.

4) Commit to daily action

Getting to that vision you wrote above, is going to take daily work. And thats ok, in fact its freaking beautiful to know that you even have a vision to work toward! Too many people walk around blind to the world around them. And BLIND to the fact that they deserve a BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS life! You do deserve that. You know that you do and thats wonderful! Don't be afraid to put in the work, and to step out of your comfort zone to make it happen!

5) Remind yourself of your vision & necessary actions daily

You heard me, remind yourself daily! Pull out a journal and each morning write out your vision. Then write out 3 things you can do that day to make progress on your vision. It would also be helpful, once a week to make a long list, a brain dump about actions needed to help you get to your goal. Every day pull from this list! Take action on 3 of these items on your list daily.

I think that this step is just as important as writing out your vision. A vision is never real unless you make it real. YOU CAN MAKE IT REAL. You can have great health, a healthy family, a career you enjoy, hobbies that bring you life, enough money to not stress about money. But you gotta be open to opportunities. You have to be open to new experiences! And you'll have to put in work on a daily basis. But I promise it will all be worth it.


2019 is going to be your year to shine! What are some of your goals?

Please share in the comments!

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