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Helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle & earn income blogging.



Hi, I'm Natasha. I'm a registered nurse and I love sharing about creating healthier lifestyle routines. Think curly girl meets beauty blogger with a lil wellness, mixed in!

After graduating from nursing school I struggled with my body image a lot. I was unhealthy, my curly hair was a hot mess and I wasn't sleeping well working night shifts. I started blogging about health and fitness with Team Beachbody. Then I revived my hair and skin as a Monat Consultant and realized that if BLOGGING could help me conquer my body and beauty struggles, then it could help other women too!

I was inspired to start a real blog, and share about real issues that we all can relate to. I also throw in some tips to help you learn how to create an income blogging with a combination of network marketing and affiliate links.  

I've learned to create a brand with my beauty and health routines, help women heal their issues and have been increasing my income month after month.

Click the button below and I'll teach you to do the same.